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Cómo dibujar sellos angelicales (lección de la Cábala 11) (Spanish Edition) eBook: Ken Nunoo: Kindle Store.
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Life is real! Dale Carnegie. W B Yeats. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a product review. This is basically a useless collection for Kindle. The table of contents is not linked, there are no page numbers, and the content is not indexed, so it is impossible to find a specific poem without scrolling through the entire book or trying to guess the locations of individual titles.

If I had paid money for this I would be really annoyed, but since it only cost me a few minutes to check this out and write a review, I can't complain.


For some unknown reason my favorite poem is "the light of stars" followed by "The saga of king Olaf" because I adore that genre , but most of the poems in this book have passed through me as if I were transparent. Not that they were bad, totally the opposite, just that the thematic is not akin to my personal preferences There are also translations of poetry from another countries and another languages that, although very good, I felt not that interesting.

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I have read the originals of some made in Spanish and, in my opinion, the translations are superior to the originals: a clearer language that turns the words into meaning beyond ornament, which I feel is the main obstacle in their original language to enjoy them. It was nice to read him. I started reading Longfellow because The Saga of King Olaf was Theodore Roosevelt's favorite poem which he read every year when he was young.

So I started there and then I read the whole book and it took me a year. Some of it is brilliant and awesome. Save yourself the time and download the Project Gutenberg file of Longfellow's complete poetry. This version is not properly formatted. El simbolismo del toro PDF Kindle. En Camino. Factores mentales, los PDF Online. Mujeres modelos de identidad cristiana PDF Download.

Muevase con tenacidad hacie el sueno que Dios le ha dado. PDF Download. Free Dichosos Vosotros Free El modelo coach para lideres cristianos: Aptitudes de liderezgo eficaces para resolver problemas, alcanzar objetivos y desarrolar a otros PDF Download.

Free Las Sutilezas Del Inimitable. Free Liderazgo espiritual: Ed.

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Lectura PDF Download. La Alondra Y Las Tortugas. Los pueblos del libro PDF Online.

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Experiencia De Fe ePub. Pecados de la biblia, los PDF Download. Read Almas sedientas PDF. Read Diccionario de los papas PDF. Read La llave a lo milagroso PDF.