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Pfau: Erstaunliche Fakten & Bilder (German Edition) eBook: Armando Williams: renttarriseno.gq: Kindle Store.
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April Absolutist, constitutional, and Socialist currents are splintered by Catholic, Protestant, and philosophical viewpoints in such manifold ways that each party grouping carries within its bosom the most opposing elements. This spiritual fragmentation must be overcome if the material one is to end; the internal unity of the people, however, will not be achieved by concealment and postponement but rather only by disclosure and the conciliation of differences; this alone will be able to exert a beneficial effect on the political development of the nation.

In Germany as everywhere else, the major political question, traced back to its root principle, is this: the divine right of monarchs or sovereignty of the people; authority or self-rule; dogma or reason; force or rule of law; subjugation or freedom.

Ruth Pfau: Pakistan's 'Mother Teresa' dies aged 87

No matter how one may twist and turn it, the same opposition recurs all the time, and, when applied to the structure of the national state, it comes down to centralization or federation. In its essence, the question of German unification does not boil down to monarchy or republic, Austria or Prussia, grossdeutsch or kleindeutsch [greater German or lesser German], but to centralization or federation. Anyone who supports the divine right of kings, of authority, of dogma, of force, and of subjugation must logically vote for centralization; on the other hand, anyone who campaigns for sovereignty of the people, for self-rule, for reason, for rule of law, and for freedom must logically strive for federation.

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On her way there, she was held up due to visa issues for some time in Karachi, where she first encountered leprosy, an infectious disease that causes severe, disfiguring skin sores and nerve damage in the arms, legs, and skin areas around the body. In , Sr.

Pfau travelled to India where she was trained in the treatment and management of leprosy. Afterwards, she returned to Karachi to organize and expand the Leprosy Control Program.


She founded the Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre in Karachi, Pakistan's first hospital dedicated to treating the disease, which today has branches across the country and has treated more than 50, leprosy victims. He crawled on hands and feet into this dispensary, acting as if this was quite normal, as if someone has to crawl there through that slime and dirt on hands and feet, like a dog.

She was also known for rescuing children with leprosy, who had been banished to caves and cattle pens for years by their parents, who were afraid of contracting the disease themselves.

Pfau trained numerous doctors in the treatment of leprosy, and in the World Health Organization declared that leprosy had been controlled in the country. By , the number of patients under treatment for leprosy in Pakistan had fallen to , down from 19, in the s, according to the Karachi daily Dawn.

https://tralfertoudo.gq The nun won many honors and awards for her work, both from Pakistan and Germany. The Pakistani government also honored her with the Hilal-e-Imtiaz, one of the highest awards available to citizens, in , and the Hilal-e-Pakistan in She was granted Pakistani citizenship in Pfau died Aug. She was 87 years old.