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Project Z book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The only thing worse than being a zombie is being just human enough to kno.
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Additionally, if we reach the hard cover stretch goal, you will receive a copy of the limited hardcover edition of Athena's Daughters 2. Finally, you will receive an email from one of the authors thanking you for your contribution, and your name will be listed in the "Goddesses of Wisdom" section of the book.

You'll receive a limited edition hardcover of Athena's Daughters 2 signed by actress Erin Gray who is writing the introduction for the anthology. At this level, you have the opportunity to be written into Megan O'Russell's story for Athena's Daughters 2 as a minor character. At this level, you have the opportunity to be written into Antha Ann Adkins' story for Athena's Daughters 2 as a minor character. At this level, you have the opportunity to be written into Tish Pahl's story for Athena's Daughters 2 as a minor character. At this level, you have the opportunity to be written into Ellen Goodlett's story for Athena's Daughters 2 as a male character.

At this level, you have the opportunity to be written into Ellen Goodlett's story for Athena's Daughters 2 as a female character. At this level, Ellen Goodlett will read and critique your manuscript up to 10, words. At this level, Tiffany Angus will read and critique your manuscript up to 10, words.

Dec 16, - Jan 15, 30 days.

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Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email. Athena's Daughters, Volume 2. Athena's Daughters, volume 2 is a collection of short speculative fiction by some of the industry's up-and-coming women authors.

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Silence in the Library Publishing. Last updated July 31, Share this project. Autumn has been creating fantasy worlds since early childhood. Since then, Autumn and Freddy have hit the comic-convention circuit, traveling from coast to coast whilst peddling their wares. Crayon scribbles of unicorns gave way to stylized paintings of caped heroes and other popular characters. Her ever growing brigade of watercolor Lemonheads has become increasingly popular with children and adults alike. In addition to commissioned art and conventions, Autumn still continues to work on a personal body of illustrations that draws from numerous mythological and fairytale sources as well as her own, personal brand of humor.

She created most of the illustrations for the interior of the first volume of Athena's Daughters. Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. Support Select this reward. Estimated delivery May Kickstarter is not a store.

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Those scenes came off as both pandering to a contemporary audience and a rejection of the generation Becky represents. By act four she had already moved upstate to strum her guitar alone in a big house and ruminate on her misdeeds, a trajectory artists from her era know well. The Hustle is very low stakes and I only saw it because I was stuck in a mall in New Jersey for two hours and it was the next thing playing. The point of this remake of a remake is that the genders have been switched. Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson now play roles played by men in the other two versions.

Yet by the end, it is a man who fools these two women con artists, blackmailing them into being his employees. Not the ending I was expecting from a film that begins by asserting that all men are suckers. Alex Sharp plays this unconvincing man-boy grifter as a bland nothing whose initial guise is colorless and empty—a nice-guy tech billionaire shy around women. Hathaway has to pretend, by turns, that she is a member of the British leisure class and a German psychoanalyst femme fatale. She excels in the latter put-on, opening a new path for herself she will probably never explore again.

Bi has established himself as a significant artist with just two films partially by being a synthesist of all previous auteur cinema.

The Atlantic Crossword

It all seems put together in a calm, hypnotic state, using the gliding camera of Theo Angelopoulos to move through the torture and violence of Johnnie To and Tarantino gangster movies via the observational modernism of Apichatpong Weerasethakul. During the 3D sequence, a woman came into the theater and sat down right next to me, which I thought was odd. I turned to her, wearing the 3D glasses over my regular glasses, wondering what was going on.

I was fully inhabiting the film and her entrance seemed like part of it. She repeated the same question— Is this the appatmint? She wanted to know if this was The Apartment. Suddenly she got up and walked out. Maybe I should have followed her out and gone to see The Apartment , starting my own journey into night, but by then Bi Gan had me pinned in place, stuck in the flow with his moving camera.

His vistas are bigger, plainer, and harder on the people who inhabit them. There is fatalism and then there is stoicism. Zhao is one of the greatest actresses in cinema, and her journey in Ash Is Purest White is hardboiled and subtly melodramatic. She begins as the realist daughter of an outmoded communist ideologue, then transforms herself into a cool money-making criminal in the provincial jianghu underworld.

Private EyeZ

She takes the fall on a gun charge for her lover and ends up a jailbird. To get back to him after prison, she passes through the Three Gorges area of the Yangtze River on a ship where her identity and money are stolen. The new Chinese capitalism erases her past, rendering her sacrifice meaningless. There is no progress in their lives, only aging. Qiao ends up where she started, doubly abandoned in her old hometown, serving the old gangsters who never made it out.

For Bi Gan, only love can break your heart. In Ash Is Purest White , there are many more things that can break your spirit.

The Zombie Vote (Reanimated Readz, #4) by Rusty Fischer

Diamantino is a modern Candide, a pampered star athlete without a thought in his head. He adopts a refugee as his son after a sudden burst of compassion, then allows himself to be experimented on by scientists who are after his perfect superman genes. Diamantino is too clueless to realize his refugee son is actually a queer girl Cleo Tavares scamming him, and that his doctors are slowly turning him into a woman, a side effect of their gene-mapping drugs. On top of all this he is duped into running for office by a fascist, anti-immigrant political party. Surely big pharma, right-wing manipulation, and the endless greed of the already wealthy deserve something a little harsher than this ninety-seven-minute underwear ad, an example of present-day camp too sane and well-behaved to have much bite. When his employer Lindsay Burdge sends him out on a special delivery, the customer turns out to be his favorite actor, Royce David Leslie Theodore Bouloukos , a highfalutin sci-fi stalwart in films with names like The Skull Machine.

After Jobe leaves, Leslie begins livestreaming his drug experience, frothing at the mouth and becoming incoherent. His death throes resemble the welcome-to-the-movies snipe they project before the feature at the Cobble Hill Cinema. Stephen Payne, as the armed and bunkered-down prepper, gets some big threatening closeups from Bilandic and Williams.

They hold on him as he regales Jobe with his theories on movies and points the business end of a rocket launcher at the camera. All the characters in the film have made bad lighting choices for the interiors they inhabit, and the nighttime exteriors are similarly cheap green and purple displays. The stand-up comic Owen Kline, the younger brother from The Squid and the Whale is barely coherent and wears a large button that reads license to bullshit.

This feature film is a concise and action-packed sixty-seven minutes long, and I could have easily watched another half hour of it.

Shrek Retold

Or definitely another ten minutes. Zanco is an art historian married to the Swiss billionaire whose family owns Vitra, a design firm that manufactures high-end modernist furniture, runs a museum, and has headquarters that feature buildings by famous architects including Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid. Magid films her meeting with Zanco from across the street using a long lens, like a police surveillance video.

Zanco is barely glimpsed, inaccessible to the public, protected by her wealth. This could be the subject for a Hitchcock or a De Palma movie, and Magid comports herself with a certain allure and mystery even though she is open and cheerful. Her necrophilia is loving and all-American.