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Kayla Williams comes to class hung over. Professor Martin is not the forgiving type. But will Kayla be able to convince him otherwise?.
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AITA for wanted my professor to get fired

Move on. Things will get better soon.

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You deserve a good grade, yes, but don't push yourself too hard. You do need that energy for other things in life too. Related Questions: My professor said my essay is plagiarized and he won't grade it. But, it was my work and I don't how to make his mind. What should I do? I don't want to get punished for what I didn't.

I failed multiple exams and now my parents are very upset with me and if this keeps up I'll have to quit and come back home my family is toxic and abusive. I'm very depressed atm.

How does anxiety affect school? How does depression affect school? Can I study psychology even if I have a mental illness? Should I go to prom by myself?

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I don't have friends, my sister's group said I can't go with them, and my GSA didn't want me either. I want to go though but with who?

UCF Professor Richard Quinn accuses class of cheating [Original]

I always feel overwhelmed with the tasks and projects that school demands, and I tend to cram on the last minute. Can anyone kindly share their organizational tips?

It's usually a bad idea, and at some schools is expressly prohibited

I'm not happy with my SAT score. It's really bumming me out.

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I feel like a failure. How do I talk talk to my teacher about exam stress? Your speech is a substantial disruption when it encourages violations of school rules, illegal activities, or it risks causing a big interference with the education of other students. For example, threats to other students or your teachers using social media will likely be considered a substantial disruption.

See a Problem?

If you use your own device and accounts outside of school hours and your posts are not related to school, your school cannot discipline you for those posts. For example, that threats of violence or harassment directed at classmates or school officials can get you in trouble, even if you post them on your own time and on your own device. This includes creating false profiles, impersonating other students, or creating fake pages in order to bully someone.

Manage your privacy settings to make sure only your friends see your profile and posts. And remember that the people you decide to share with may share your posts with others or in a public way.

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Source: MySchoolMyRights. Skip to main content. What is social media? Who can see my social media profile and posts?

Getting Punished by Professors due to missing Class by Sickness?

Are my rights different if I use a school computer or device instead of my own? Can my school search for my social media activity without telling me? Can I be disciplined for simply expressing my opinion on social media? Can I be disciplined for something I say on social media during the school day?