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The Bai, which is the largest angolan bank in terms of assets, is also the most profit. Recorded a net result of 34,3 billion kz in the first quarter, 56 billion kz in the second and closed the third quarter with a profit of ,2 billion kz, equivalent to USD ,5 million. The bai today serves more than 1,5 million customers, uses employees, has an asset above 7 BILLION USD, we provide credit in the order of billion kz, today the bai is the largest Bank in terms of assets, it is the banks that have had positive results, and from the point of view of strength we are solid, from the point of view of good practice, we have adopted them.

He explained exclusively to the market that the customers summoned by the bank in September have been attending the bank to renegotiate the commitments they made with the institution, without, however, moving forward the number of customers that have already attended the bank nor The total value in question. Comparing, the interlocutor said that no country in Africa pays this whole amount to expats, and pointed out as cause of this situation the educational sector deficit - an aspect that, in the meeting with members today, encouraged them to aim for greater investment in education, through Increase in revenue and expenses for the sector.

In statements to angop, on the margins of a meeting of the economic and finance committee of the National Assembly, he also highlighted the fact that the import of meat consume USD 40 million - a situation that, for you, can be corrected because the country has Conditions for that.

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There has to be a ratio where the National Entrepreneur is required to acquire a percentage of his need to import at the local level. The need to buy outside is subject to the certain percentage of costs it performs in the country during productive activity ", explained the industrial. Bruno played 17 minutes and also got four points, 24 hours after his g-League Debut.

At 21 years old and a contract valid for three years, the athlete will continue to double, representing the main team of the hawks and satellite Skyhawks , whenever necessary, in the so-called two-way contract which allows the Player do double This process will quickly allow the player to reach the desired competitive levels and at the same time help the satellite formation that has some injured players. Russians prepared to invest ten billion dollars in Angola Russian authorities and private investors are available to invest about ten billion dollars nine billion euros to finance projects with a socio-economic impact in Angola, according to a responsible of the Russian Federation.

According to angolan news agency, Russian politician indicated that projects are linked to the energy sector, including the construction of electric dams, wind power production, solar panels, electric power transport lines, road construction, housing and others Infrastructure. The money is intended to finance "Large-scale projects" of the common interest of the Russian Federation and Angola, avail alexey, leader of a delegation of Russian entrepreneurs that will hold bilateral meetings with representatives of angolan colleagues.

Angola and Russia have privileged relations since October 08, , when it was signed in Moscow at the time capital of the former union of Soviet Socialist Republic USSR , the treaty of friendship and cooperation. Currently, cooperation is more significant in the energy, geology and mines sectors, higher education, training of tables, defense and security, telecommunications and information technologies, Fisheries, transport, finance and banking.

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Physiotherapist points out causes for loss of erection and premature ejaculation Much of the cases of male sexual dysfunction, with highlight for early ejaculation and the loss of erection, between young and adults, is related to the practice of excessive masturbation, revealed yesterday in luanda, the pelvic physiotherapist adalgiza mualubambo.

The specialist has advanced that although there are no reliable statistics in the country, the two main problems of sexual dysfunction premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction that arrive at specialty offices are recorded in people aged 30 to 50 years , caused by excess masturbation. In addition to excessive masturbation and some unknown reasons, the physiotherapist considered that in Angola, post-surgery situations, hypertension, diabetes, bad food, alcoholism, stress and low self-esteem are the main causes of sexual dysfunctions. Adalgiza Mualubambo has advanced that men, young and adults, with problems of sexual dysfunction arrive at physiotherapists on the recommendation of experts such as urologist, sexologist and psychologist, who are basically partners of the pelvic physiotherapist within the multidisciplinary team.

The physiotherapist has advanced that the situation does not occur in children, but advised to perform more careful studies in adolescents with active sexual activity, because this group of society is using alcoholic beverages and drugs earlier. According to angolan reality, resulting from causes linked to religious education and the cultural environment and also by many people think that sexual dysfunction can pass over time, even without proper therapy, the physiotherapist warned that many cases reach health technicians in Pretty Advanced State.

The Specialist explained that pelvic physiotherapy is one of the specialties of physiotherapy that prevents, treats and rehabilitates the dysfunctions of the pelvic floor, that is, female and male reproductive device, in order to promote the ability to contract and properly relax the muscles of that organ.

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With This, Pelvic physiotherapy strengthens this muscle in order to recover the functions of urinary and faecal salute, provide sustenance to the organs, reduce the hyperactivity, improve the esfincteriana activity and improve muscle condition, especially the muscles of the pelvic floor Perineum. Performance of pelvic physiotherapy The specialist highlighted that the performance of pelvic physiotherapy in male dysfunctions, in addition to assessing the muscle condition of the pelvic floor, is based on the development of a rehabilitation program that will improve the tone of this muscle, promoting a functional balance and minimizing some possible Post-Surgical.

Physiotherapist Adalgiza Mualubambo explained that, after a detailed evaluation, it is possible to start therapy, since pelvic physiotherapy is an affordable cost treatment and without side effects, therefore defend that it should be the first therapeutic option. Before that, adalgiza mualubambo recommends the regular practice of exercises for the pelvic floor muscle and the improvement of blood circulation in the penis, with a view to reducing the risks of erectile dysfunction and the effects of aging on the whole urogenital device.

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  6. The Representative of angolan industrial industry AIA suggested that the government should install small wheat mills and provide equipment and restore paralyzed industries. Angola after several years of mismanagement today already has a serious PR, the aia man caught a brave bollocking of PR and screaming was put in the said place Jlo: Gentlemen gain judgment, when private tells me that there is no mills is worrying. It is not the state that should install them, but private sector.

    The State has already made investments in farms and aviaries and much of this investment died was a mistake! The government will no longer insist on the mistake The programme to support production, export diversification and replacement of imports will only succeed if the private sector is organized There are a series of credit lines to finance the private sector: a Pac-Signed with 9 Commercial Banks through bda and the credit guarantee fund, a credit line with interest interest of billion kz.

    Now gentlemen the government will play the role of regulator of the economy, the private must take its place as the main player of the economy. Put the bottle aside this time is over Ti Mond Translated. As long as their ruthless efficiency in using poison is ignored You will still pay with many lives! How many have been and how many are yet to go, this although it is the hardest to know, truth is that carbon was not the first and will not be the last.

    A recipe to avoid falling into the traps and tricks of these people does not exist, everyone has to establish their own strategy. For we are not all equal in terms of experiences, behavior, way of thinking and acting, we have never been and never will be.

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    Worse in season that many live too confident in such a way, that they have even replaced their head with the penis or pockets without thinking with their head. Look that danger is always present and when it is not, it can appear when you least expect it without asking for license something that many do not take seriously. Usually they know your tastes, your ways, the people you care about and even which you have more confidence with who you feel most comfortable when you're with them.

    ‘AHS: Apocalypse’ – The Biggest Questions That Need to Be Answered in the Finale

    A very special care should be in relation to exactly those people with whom you usually feel comfortable, because you never know if the danger is not really close to your nose or ear. There are cases in Angola where even their own children, wives, grandchildren and brothers of the same blood. It was themselves who stole the pen drive USB of the father or political brother, to deliver to the secret service.

    We must not forget that angola as it was in the jes era remains the same republic of informants with all prices and for all occasions and moments. Informants with signed commitments and judges before committed to fulfilling them even despite the illusory appearance that the times today are others in Angola.. Reports are also not missing that the victims were themselves who opened the doors of their own homes so that the devil would enter and 7 more is said. Beware of the girl next door who always shows you teeth and blinks your eyes, look that not always the smile comes from the heart can be a smile ordered and poisoned.

    You have to know how to be cold, calculating and reflective in these situation, always think that you are critical of the regime, because even if you will never fall in their grace. They can even pretend in self-criticism, encourage you to continue to criticize them and even stimulate, everything may be nothing but plays to catch your paw is said of popular slang. The problems add up and continue at the university of lueji university. Advance one of the employees that, the smell of alcohol that exuded the deputy was so strong that it hung up in the runners where he passed.

    Source: Tvzimbo Translated. Angolan government creates police stations for victims of domestic violence Angola will create specialized service centers for cases of domestic violence in the new police stations, to improve criminal and psychological support for victims, announced today the minister for the social area.

    Speaking at the end of the forum on domestic violence, promoted by the group of parliamentary women today at the National Assembly, in luanda, Carolina Cerqueira, said that these centers will have "specialized and trained paintings particularly" to attend these cases.

    Senhor, pois me nom queredes (Portuguese Edition)

    The Minister also suggested the creation of a labour integration programme for women who are victims of violence and economic needs, by providing small services to obtain financial autonomy. On the date of the international day against domestic violence, the National Assembly, Fernando da piedade dias dos Santos, regretted that these practices, which have already made 86 victims this year, are "tolerated" in Angola due to cultural factors And religious. Carolina Cerqueira warned " the sudden growth of this crime, which often reaches the character of femicide " and honored " all women who lost their lives for intolerance and violation of their fundamental rights ".

    It also highlighted the need to adopt the recommendations resulting from the forum and contained in a declaration of commitment, including "the urgent review of some articles of the law against domestic violence" to make it more effective as a punishment instrument.

    ‘AHS: Apocalypse’ – The Biggest Questions That Need to Be Answered in the Finale

    Carolina cerqueira also mentioned the protection of children's rights, which are often victims of domestic violence, including as witnesses, and must be protected in case of separation. The lawyer pedro kaprakata says that only an attentive citizen can believe in angolan justice. For the lawyer agostinho canando, the greatest concern at the moment is that many processes can only move in public opinion and not to achieve justice. Sergio Raymond.

    Fly Translated. According to a communication from the Angolan Football Federation, released on the official Twitter account, the " purpose of the visit is not only with the differentiated monitoring Angola has deserved from fifa and Caf, but also the evaluation for the timely launch of A football roots project ". This project is part of the fifa " Grassroots program which has the collaboration of Caf, for the development of young angolan football under special training center.

    The two leaders will be accompanied by fifa's Secretary-general fatma samoura among other leaders of the two organizations.